BusinessForce is the political action arm of the Orlando Economic Partnership and is composed of regional business and community leaders that represent thousands of businesses and their tens of thousands of employees who are interested in promoting a pro-business environment and, on a non-partisan basis, supporting candidates and elected officials in our state and region who endorse the free enterprise system and sound, responsible business practices in government.

Until now, each business person has had to "go it alone" in conducting time-consuming independent research to properly evaluate state and local candidates or issues in our region. Now, businesses large and small will have a unified voice speaking out for good candidates and good government. Since its creation in 1998, more than 80 percent of BusinessForce-endorsed candidates have won elections. Each election year, candidates and elected officials from throughout our region eagerly seek the coveted BusinessForce endorsement.

BusinessForce is committed to building diverse coalitions while engaging the community and enacting positive proactive participation that positively impacts the formation of public policy in our region and Florida. But we can only be successful and truly effective with your financial commitment and support. Your contribution will assist in electing candidates to the legislature, county commissions and school boards in our region who are responsive to, and supportive of, our business community.

Together, we will make "the voice for business" a stronger force for good government in our region!

For more information on how you can participate in BusinessForce activities, contact Robert Agrusa at 407.835.2486 or





BusinessForce is the political action arm of the Orlando Economic Partnership. The focus of this line of business is to affect positive change in Central Florida through regional public policy advocacy; BusinessForce helps guide regional leaders by encouraging and supporting candidates for public office who, as public officials, will embrace free enterprise and sound business principles.

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