Monday, February 15, 2016 VOLUME 18 ISSUE 54
February 08, 2016
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Last Chance:
Register to Vote in Florida Presidential Primary

With the Florida Presidential Preference Primary just around the corner on Tuesday, March 15th, a friendly reminder from BusinessForce, that the deadline for new Florida voter registration will be February 16, 2016, 29 days before the upcoming primary election. The 29-day deadline also applies to a person already registered to vote in Florida who wishes to change party affiliation (i.e. NPA to Republican or Democrat).

Although there is no deadline for making an address change within the State of Florida or within the county, it is best to change your address well in advance of the election so that you will receive your sample ballot in the mail.

If you’d like to request an absentee ballot online for the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary, please click on the appropriate Supervisor of Elections link that’ll direct you to the county you reside in.

Brevard County

Lake County

Orange County

Osceola County

Polk County

Seminole County

Volusia County

Affecting positive change in the Central Florida Region requires strong “Regional Public Policy Advocacy” – an important line of business for the Central Florida Partnership.  BusinessForce, our “Political-Action-Arm,” is making a positive difference by sharing important regional conversations, encouraging and supporting candidates for public office, and helping to guide civic, political and business leaders about the future. 

Working together with Orlando, Inc., (Regional Entrepreneurship), Leadership Orlando (Regional Leadership), and myregion.org (Regional Research & Resolves), the Central Florida Partnership is moving “Ideas to Results.”

For additional information, visit:  www.orlandochamber.org/businessforce




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