Strategy To Profit

Learn how to use evidence-based decision making to accelerate business growth.

Join the Orlando Regional Chamber for a hands-on, interactive one-day workshop designed to equip you with tools and knowledge to scale current businesses into new markets, evaluate customer segments and develop an organizational culture based on experimentation and growth.

Available at no cost to Chamber members and Partnership investors, the workshop uses Business Model Canvas (BMC) methodology as the base curriculum, which de-risks the assumptions of your business or project in order to increase your chances of success.  

During the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • use the Lean Startup BMC methodologies and apply them to current projects or ideas;
  • test assumptions to avoid risk of failure;
  • identify what your customers believe differentiates you;
  • capitalize on your unique advantages to grow and scale; and
  • evaluate new processes and technology that can help you get an edge on competition.

Designed for both established companies and startups, this workshop will help leaders:

  • evaluate which technology to implement and when – artificial intelligence, automation, etc.;
  • evaluate and understand how customer needs are changing; and
  • create and implement new systems and processes to evaluate current products and services as well as new ideas.

Whether you’re founder of a startup or director at a large corporation, Idea to Profit will provide you with the guidance to better understand your goals. Entrepreneurs, leaders and employees involved in developing business strategy will all find the BMC method greatly beneficial to meeting and exceeding organizational objectives.

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Cost to participate:
Chamber member/Orlando Economic Partnership investors: free
Non-Chamber member/Non-Partnership investor: $99

Please check back for the date of the next workshop. 

Seating is limited to Chamber members and Partnership investors. Light breakfast and lunch provided. For question, contact Jo Newell at

About the Instructors:
Dr. Dale A. Brill is Senior Vice President of Research and the Foundation for Orlando’s Future at the Partnership, with professional experience in start-up environments and expertise in public policy innovation driving entrepreneurship. He pioneered the first state-wide implementation of economic gardening with GrowFL, which helps companies overcome obstacles to growth and leads them towards prosperity.

Vanessa Zabala, MSc is the Director of Impact Development at the Partnership as well as adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida where she teaches technological and social entrepreneurship. She is a nationally certified instructor in Lean methodologies and Business Model Canvas previously worked in the commercialization of intellectual property through the University of Central Florida’s I-Crop program. Her experience ranges from helping second-stage companies grow with GrowFL to facilitating access to capital between startups and angel investors.

About the Curriculum
Idea to Profit workshops guide participants through a proven process to validate or invalidate ideas before spending time and money implementing them. After validating an idea or existing process, product or service, business owners will know what they are going to do and how they are going to do it before they execute. Thousands of companies use BMC methodology to better analyze how to launch new lines of business successfully. The framework provides a holistic view of business in its entirety and is especially useful in capturing company value. It also gives individuals a common language to evaluate traditional processes and bring continual innovation into their business models.