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In 2017 the Entrepreneurs Academy will become Innovation Academy!

Watch for more details to come later this year.

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A Look Back at the 2015 Entrepreneurs Academy:

Thursday and Friday, October 22 & 23, 2015
Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College

The 2015 Entrepreneurs Academy is sponsored in part by Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards and the City of Orlando, in partnership with the African American Chamber of Commerce, Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, East Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Orlando, Inc., Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, and the South Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Imagine having the combined experiences of many successful entrepreneurs at your fingertips. Imagine the direction and velocity your company could achieve with a proven network of critical resources and connections. It's time to dive deeper.

The Entrepreneurs Academy was created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and growth by helping companies navigate the rich set of resources available in Central Florida.

Your journey is unique, and your individual path to success has its own twists and turns. As an entrepreneur, where do you turn to find the right resource at the right time for your business? The Entrepreneurs Academy will connect you to those resources so you can take your business to the next level.

Entrepreneurs Ecosystem

EcosystemMake the expert connections that will grow your business.

During these two power-packed days, you will not only make crucial connections for your future growth that would otherwise take years to assemble, but also achieve a competitive edge ... setting your goals higher, solving problems faster and accomplishing more in less time.

In this exclusive, two-day, interactive session, you'll meet and work with experts and entrepreneurs who represent the eight elements of the Entrepreneurs Ecosystem; connecting your business to:

  • Advocates
    Organizations that provide policy, economic development and industry support
  • Entrepreneurial Educators
    Organizations that provide training, certificates and entrepreneurial degrees
  • Funding Sources
    Organizations that provide funding and capital to entrepreneurs
  • Professional Services
    Specialists who provide business support services
  • Recognition
    Awards for entrepreneurial success stories
  • Resource Providers
    Specialized support and services for entrepreneurs
  • Sources of Innovation
    Resources that allow entrepreneurs to gain access to intellectual property
  • Talent
    Universities, colleges and organizations that provide employees and interns

Set your course for success

What's in it for me?

    • Learn about resources available for you and your business from an entrepreneur's perspective
    • Discover how the Entrepreneurs Ecosystem can support your business and have a positive effect on your bottom line
    • Engage with successful, seasoned entrepreneurs to create a personal sounding board
    • Build new relationships with other participants and foster your personal network

Hear from Past Participants

This was the greatest experience! Just what the doctor ordered to take my small business to the next level! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the various participants in this venture. You've developed a new me! Thank you!

Gaining knowledge about all the resources in the region is a huge benefit to me. One of the ways I have built my business is by connecting people with the resources they need. That gives me credibility and leads to referrals. Now, I know so much more than I did before!

My brain was filled with a to-do list after learning about the plethora of resources at my disposal! I barely slept as I thought about how to apply what I learned. I really enjoyed meeting all the like-minded business people in the class with me, and I even got several "likes" when I posted on my Facebook page about how my battery had been fully charged. Overall, the Entrepreneurs Academy was a supremely worthwhile investment of my time. Loved every minute – Thank you!

I'm grateful for being given a thorough understanding of the many resources available in Central Florida. I have a better appreciation for getting involved in the community and the value it can have on my small business.

AMAZING Experience! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the speakers. I received plug & play practical advice that I can immediately utilize. It is well worth the price of admission. The Funding Sources panel was out of this world. I am so happy that I attended the Academy. I will recommend this course to friends, family, and colleagues. BRAVO, Orlando, Inc.!!!

Discovering the overwhelming amount of resources available to use has been amazing. It would have taken me years to come across these opportunities on my own. The panels were extremely engaging. The insights they offered laid a foundation of exposure that will help me grow my business to new heights.

The value of the Entrepreneurs Academy is remarkable. While I have heard that some of these resources have been available, I did not know how to access them. As a native of Orlando, I am so proud that our community has a "Number 1" program to support budding and existing entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are vital to the growth and expansion of a dynamic community. I look forward to accessing and utilizing the resources available and the possibility of becoming a resource to help others.

Learn from over 40 entrepreneurs and experts. Here are just a few past presenters...

Ed Alexander

Ed Alexander
Law Firm, PL

Jason Bordeur

Jason Brodeur
Seminole County Regional
Chamber of Commerce

Cari Coats

Cari Coats
Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
Rollins College

Shari Carol Ann Dyke

Carol Ann Dykes
Business Incubator Manager
University of Central Florida
Research Park

Blaire Martin

Blaire Martin
Florida Angel Nexus

Mark Montgomery,

Mark Montgomery
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc.

Marty Rubin

Marty Rubin
Smart City

Shari Dingle Sandifer

Shari Dingle Sandifer
Avant Healthcare


2015 Entrepreneurs Academy Sponsored by:

In Partnership with:

African American Chamber of Commerce
Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce
East Orlando Chamber of Commerce
Orlando, Inc.
Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
South Lake Chamber of Commerce